The most advanced non-surgical facelift has just had a facelift of its own.

Quality first

If you’re looking to enhance your facial treatments to tighten, sculpt and define, then it’s time to get better acquainted with the Ultraformer III, because - it’s a game changer!

Ultraformer is the world’s leading HIFU technology for skin lifting, tightening and contouring and prides itself on 5 areas of excellence:  

Reliable science, ultra-safe, advanced technology, predictable results and zero downtime.

If you want to have refreshed looking skin day in and day out, keep reading…As we age, our natural collagen production depletes. The elastin in our skin also lessens and as a result, we are left with dull, ageing and sagging skin.

What you can expect from the Ultraformer III treatment

• Decreases the appearance of neck lines and wrinkles

• Improves the definition of jaw and jowls

• Lifts drooping eyebrows and sagging eyelids

• Lifts and tightens skin

• Natural looking results

• Visible results after 1 treatment with ongoing improvement after 6 months


Using multiple depths of 6.0mm, 9.0mm and 13mm to remove fat cells and contour the body.

Your Ultraformer III Experience

Patients who are apprehensive about getting a treatment for the first time can rest assured there is no anaesthesia involved.

Please be advised that you may experience some level of discomfort during some parts of the treatment. Those more sensitive to discomfort are encouraged to take paracetamol at least half an hour before the treatment.

The new, advanced technology focuses ultrasound energy more efficiently into a targeted zone resulting in less heat dispersion to sensitive layers of the skin, offering more comfort.

How long does an Ultraformer III treatment take?

We know you value your time, so do we.

Your Ultraformer treatment will only take 35-60 minutes depending on the area being treated. It can even be done in your lunch break for the ultimate convenience.

What sets the Ultraformer III’s superior technology apart?

Having evolved its advanced technology over the years from its predecessors, the Ultraformer offers a best-in-class, non-invasive treatment to lift, tighten and contour the face and body by working to stimulate your body’s natural regenerative cell process.

It utilises the power of macro and micro-focused ultrasound technology to go deep below the skin’s surface and rejuvenate three critical levels of your skin’s infrastructure to instantly contract collagen fibres to promote long-term collagen growth.

With precision per shot, the HIFU energy is designed to either remodel collagen to remove facial wrinkles and sagging skin or tighten and refine body tissue.

Ultraformer III is equipped with a dual engine system, making it a lot faster and more efficient

Ultraformer III’s other impressive features include:

• Improved peak power energy for faster treatments

• More effective with less discomfort

• Treatment delivery is faster and easier

• Lifts and tightens skin

• Natural looking results

The Ultraformer III has a 2.0mm macro-focused cartridge, which is designed to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and mouth areas


"A youthful complexion is restored”

Not only will patients feel immediate tightening results as the heat from the micro-focused ultrasound contracts collagen fibres, but it also stimulates other fibroblast cells to create new, stronger collagen.

Patients can expect to see a neck lift and refinement result after 10 weeks and will see visible results after just 1 treatment.

The Ultraformer yields ongoing improvement for up to 6 months with results lasting for up to a year.

The great news?

The Ultraformer III treatment doesn’t require any pre or post-treatment skin care and there is zero patient downtime.

Setting a non-invasive treatment benchmark, both practitioners and patients have reported that the Ultraformer delivers minimal discomfort compared to other HIFU devices on the market.

Who is the ultimate candidate for the Ultraformer III?

Ideal candidates include those that want to address sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles and improve definition and those small stubborn areas for body contouring. This treatment is best suited for those who want to refine their skin by tightening and sculpting in the most non-invasive way possible.

Patients who received the Ultraformer III treatment on the face and body have reported an improvement rate of over 95% 4-12 weeks post-treatment.


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